24/7 fresh food for him

A fresh food vending machine can create food security and food equity with an amazing ROI.

Solve Food Insecurity


Every day, there are times and places on your campus when dining cards are useless, food insecurity sets in, and dining revenue is lost.


Food insecurity leads to poor nutritional choices, paying premiums to off campus vendors, or worse: your most vulnerable population of fully subsidized students going hungry.


FoodSpot microstores offer accessibility, selection and dignity when it comes to nutrition. This is what the minds of the future deserve

fresh food vending machine stocked with sushi and salad

24/7 fresh food pantry via 

campus card subsidies


24/7 Labor-Free Sales

Dorms & Student Union

Food Security

24/7 Pantry

Food Equity

Where would a fresh food vending machine fit on your campus?

Smart Fridge Microstore

$7500 value (DC8)

$9999 value (BA1)

Starting Sticker Inventory

$600 value

University or Hospital? Schedule a call here.

Branded Consumer App

$300 value

Free with 5-Fridge Launch Package

Merchandising Kit

$750 value

  • Shelf Rollers
  • “Swipe, Grab, & Go” decal
  • Bluetooth sticker scanner
  • 20 product detail shelf clips
  • Metal shelf row dividers
  • 6 clear plastic shelf end caps
  • Cantaloupe ePort credit card reader
  • Bluetooth sticker scanner

Operator Training Program

$750 value

Free with 3-Fridge & 5-Fridge Launch Packages

Our smart vending experience can help your sales soar.

First Month's Services

$199 value