“Houston, We Have Lift Off!” – Launching a Smart Vending Machine with FoodSpot

Launching a smart vending machine requires the right support from the right people. Here's how we ensure your launch success at FoodSpot.
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Launching a smart vending machine requires the right support from the right people. Here’s how we ensure your launch success at FoodSpot.

I’ve Placed an Order For a Smart Vending Machine, Now What?

At FoodSpot, we pride ourselves on being there for our operators. As foodservice veterans and technologists, we’ve launched our fair share of fresh food retail locations and know how hairy entrepreneurial projects can be. We recognize that adopting new systems can be, at best, an exciting new venture, and at worst, a cat-herding, logistical nightmare.

Every business is unique, with different stakeholders and timelines involved. It’s like knitting together separate entities that speak different languages and residing in various time zones. That’s why, unlike our competitors, we like to work closely with new operators – large or small – in helping them get launched smoothly so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Open Your Microstore in One Month

graphic depicting a 1 month period between ordering and launching a smart fridge vending machine

Once your order is received, we immediately reach out to schedule a kickoff Zoom meeting. After that meeting, these steps can happen concurrently:

Phase I (2 weeks)

  • The smart fridge arrives at your location.
  • We engineer your operations smartphone app and dashboard.
  • Set up your merchant account.

Phase II (2-week Training Bootcamp)

  • Identify soft and hard launch dates.
  • Create your stocking plan.
  • Customize your dashboard.
  • Stock and soft launch.

Resources We Provide

  • Operator Launch Checklist
  • Quick Launch Guide
  • Library of Resources
  • 24/7 Operator Support AI Chatbot
  • Daily Zoom Office Hours

Unique Situations That Require a Phase 3 Roll-Out:

girl getting a notification from a manager dashboard about fresh food
Connect to your customers on a deeper level

With regards to campus cards, payroll deduct, and a bespoke consumer facing smartphone app, these functions typically require more development time. Depending on the level of complexity, these are scheduled to go live after your microstore’s initial launch. The same principle applies in the advent of fleet management (multiple units and locations) and merchandising training.

Your Success is Our Success

At FoodSpot, we’re excited to get your smart fridges launched, whether your organization is large or small. We love it when more fresh food can get into as many hungry hands as possible. Our promise is that we will work as hard as you do to start selling! As you have probably gathered from this blog, opening a fresh food microstore is a lot more than just plugging in a vending machine: it’s the birthing of a new revenue stream for your business. When you navigate the waters of this new venture, our team will be there with resources and insights to help you reach your full potential.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Click here for inquiries.

What is smart vending?

A “smart vending machine” can be smart for a wide range of reasons, such as cashless payment, mobile payment, an interactive touch screen, cutting-edge technology, or a seamless user experience. Although many people refer to FoodSpot smart fridge microstores as smart vending machines, they really don’t have much to do with traditional vending at all. Our smart fridge microstores enable you to sell high-quality fresh food 24/7 with full visibility, security, and food safety. You can read more about our product here.

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