Corporate Wellness and Fresh Food

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FoodSpot’s microstores offer a low-cost corporate wellness solution for fresh food. Learn how our smart vending fridges bring healthy fresh food options to all types of workplaces.

The Many Hats I’ve Worn in the Food Industry

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The most popular question I get from my friends and colleagues is, “So, what are you up to now?” accompanied by a quizzical look. They ask because my career path has not been linear. A Delicious Food-Related Beginning My deep appreciation for quality food and taste was established via my parents who raised me with […]

Smart Fridge Microstore

$7500 value (DC8)

$9999 value (BA1)

Starting Sticker Inventory

$600 value

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Branded Consumer App

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Free with 5-Fridge Launch Package

Merchandising Kit

$750 value

  • Shelf Rollers
  • “Swipe, Grab, & Go” decal
  • Bluetooth sticker scanner
  • 20 product detail shelf clips
  • Metal shelf row dividers
  • 6 clear plastic shelf end caps
  • Cantaloupe ePort credit card reader
  • Bluetooth sticker scanner

Operator Training Program

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Free with 3-Fridge & 5-Fridge Launch Packages

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First Month's Services

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